Hollywood has its Walk of Fame, Hanover its "Red Thread" – and our town has the Brandis Mile. Town centre sights, districts and people, past and present - the Mile unites them all. You can walk along it, allow yourself to be led and read from it like an open book. And the special thing about it: every Brandis citizen can leave their mark on the Mile - in stone.
Thanks to the voluntary work of 10 Brandis citizens, 70 milestones have now been laid. They commemorate company anniversaries and the founding of clubs and associations, donation drives for the Donat organ and for the tsunami victims of 2005, and the 100th birthday celebrations of the grammar school and the town partnership with Hohenhameln immediately after reunification, the bold firefighters in the last days of the war and legendary gymnasts from the GDR era, the baker and dairy goods trader of days gone by as well as artists who have established themselves here and a bridal couple that came to Brandis.



Mit dem Thema „Überarbeitung des Flächennutzungsplanes der Stadt Brandis“ findet am Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2019, um
18.30 Uhr im Ratssaal der Stadtverwaltung Brandis, Markt 1 – 3 in 04821 Brandis eine Einwohnerversammlung statt. Bürgerinnen und Bürger sind herzlich dazu eingeladen.

Auslegungsexemplar Flächennutzungsplan

Änderung Flächennutzungsplan


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