The area between the Hohburger Bergen, the Collm, the Kohlenberg Brandis and the Rochlitzer Berg is rich in stones. The numerous quarries are no obstacle to showing guests the region, however. Quite the opposite, in the case of the Geopark Porphyrland. Steinreich in Sachsen – they are windows to an exciting era in the earth's history. On 8 April 2014 the association opened its geological treasures to 50 guests in the hall of Jagdhaus Kössern - and presented its development plans.

13 towns and parishes from three administrative districts now co-operate in the Geopark Porphyrland Steinreich in Sachsen – and Brandis is one of these. Their common goal: to develop substantial options for recreation, tourism and environmental education from the wealth of geological and natural resources. According to Dr. Gerhard Gey, the pioneers are Lossatal with the Museum Steinarbeiterhaus, Thallwitz with the Geoportal in Herrenhaus Röcknitz and the Geoerlebnisgarten or the town of Rochlitz with the Porphyrlehrpfad trail over the Rochlitzer Berg. All of these are well-frequented points whose density and connectivity in the Geopark Porphyrland are set to increase. As president of the Naturpark Muldenland support association, Gey announced that in future the articles and name of the association will be dedicated fully to Geopark Porphyrland. He invited all municipalities to strengthen the Geopark further by joining it.

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