In the course of the 1999 parish reforms the town of Brandis and the parish of Beucha were merged into the new town of Brandis with the districts of Beucha, Brandis and Polenz.

The district of Brandis forms the centre of the town, with its shopping street and numerous retailers, as well as food and refreshment facilities. Around 6,000 people live in the district of Brandis, which is characterised by an attractive residential area and the school campus with primary and secondary schools as well as a grammar school. The district of Brandis also comprises Waldsteinberg, a residential and weekend area traditionally highly popular with the citizens of Leipzig. As the name suggests, it is surrounded by forest, stones and a hill. Sights include the Ostbruch and Westbruch quarries and the Kohlenberg hill. These and other features make Waldsteinberg an experience for walkers and hikers all year round.

Dorf der Steine

The district of Beucha with its around 3,000 inhabitants lies in the Leipzig basin, just 16 km to the east of Leipzig on the upper reaches of the Parthe river. Beucha has excellent rail links to Leipzig. A noteworthy sight here is the Bergkirche church, high above the Kirchbruch quarry. Indeed, the quarrying of granite plays a key role in Beucha. The district calls itself the "village of stones" and plans to establish a geoportal in the former Kulturhaus hall at the railway station as part of the Geopark Porphyrland (

In the warmer months the Albrechtshainer See is a highly popular bathing lake, also boasting a high ropes course.

The small district of Polenz has around 500 inhabitants, a village structure and features including a Spanish-style riding stables. Also noteworthy is the four-sided farmyard Einigkeit 4 in the centre of Polenz: the farmyard is around 200 years old and was acquired in 2003 by Mariko Mitsuyu and Adam Jones, who have restored the building in keeping with heritage conservation guidelines. In 2007 their commitment was rewarded with 1st prize in the Sächsischer Landeswettbewerb 2007, Ländliches Bauen competition, awarded to rural building projects. Since that year the farmyard complex has served as a venue for concerts, festivals and exhibitions, attracting participants and guests from the region and beyond. It also contains a collection of agricultural machinery as well as visual material detailing the history of the village and the farm itself.

In Waldpolenz one of the world's largest photovoltaic power plants was erected on a 110-hectare site (200 football pitches) of the former Soviet military airfield, with the project completed in 2009. A new business park covering around 12 ha is currently being established on the site.



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