The volunteer fire service of the town of Brandis consists of three district fire services. Brandis fire service Ortsfeuerwehr Brandis was founded in 1867, Polenz fire service in 1873 and Beucha fire service Ortsfeuerwehr Beucha in 1928. Today, the town fire service comprises a total of 197 members, of which 96 are active personnel, 45 senior and honorary members and 56 members of the youth fire service. In 2014 the three district fire services were called out to 99 incidents (46 fires, 39 technical assistance incidents , 12 false alarms; 2 other incidents).

The primary tasks of the fire service include firefighting and the provision of technical assistance in the event of accidents and emergencies. In addition, the Brandis volunteer fire service is also involved in disaster response measures of the Leipzig administrative district and supports neighbouring towns with assistance on request. Beyond this, since 17 April 2014 there has been a firefighting assistance agreement with the nearby towns Naunhof, Parthenstein, Belgershain and Großpösna, regarding the mutual provision of free firefighting assistance.

Securing standby service by day represents the biggest challenge for the daily emergency response. The majority of the active volunteer personnel are not available during the daytime, as they work outside of the town. It is therefore all the more important to hire fire service personnel at local companies in order to be able to have sufficient personnel available quickly in the event of an emergency. The company Hörmann KG Brandis sets a good example in this respect, releasing fire service personnel employed at the firm in the event of emergencies.

In addition to compulsory tasks such as call-outs and training, Brandis volunteer fire service also has other tasks to accomplish. The district fire services are also involved in numerous events of the town, such as the fire service open day, support at club and association events and much more besides. All interested citizens are warmly welcome to strengthen the active personnel. Training is held every Friday in Brandis and once a fortnight in Beucha and Polenz, dates can be found in the Brandiser Stadtjournal. Children and young people can join the youth fire service from the age of 8.
One pleasant and traditional "mission" for the three district fire services in Brandis is the annual raising of the may pole on the market square in Brandis.


Brandis volunteer fire service
Beucha volunteer fire service
Polenz volunteer fire service

Contact: Fire Chief Marcel Laux


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