Saxony is the "oldest" German state, Brandis is part of this, with many citizens looking to participate in activities for life as a senior citizen. We have wonderful opportunities and initiatives nearby, but efficient use for all is only possible where these are bundled and publicised.

Public discussion focuses primarily on the question of securing the pension system, with other important age-related subjects such as problems regarding care and assistance failing to attract the necessary public attention.

The association Förderverein Altershilfe Muldental e.V. has been addressing these issues since 1999.

The purpose of Förderverein Altershilfe Muldental e.V. is the promotion of the interests of elderly citizens in need of assistance, regardless of their economic, social, national or cultural background and situation.

Förderverein Altershilfe Muldental e. V. also aims to secure the support of third parties prepared to volunteer to promote the interests of elderly people. Förderverein Altershilfe Muldental e.V. utilises the commitment and expertise of its members to help elderly people in need of assistance.

The purpose of the association is realised in particular via:

  • Development/support of social, medical and architectural projects that promise to improve the quality of life of elderly people

  • Public relations work regarding problems of care and assistance for elderly people, in particular the subject of dementia

  • Support of test cases in which the goal of the supported party is direct improvement of the quality of life of elderly people in need of assistance

  • Staging of competitions, including prizes for outstanding efforts in the field of care and assistance of the elderly


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