Town of Brandis, represented by Mayor Arno Jesse

Head Teacher

Evelin Angelstein

Number of pupils/teachers

114 pupils, 11 teachers


Kleinsteinberger Straße 20, 04824 Beucha






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Beucha primary school is located in the Brandis district of the same name.

The school is located in green surroundings, close to a lake. Extensive green areas, an eco meadow, a sports field, the sports hall and school garden with small biotope are all features of the school. The schoolyard was redesigned in recent years. We now have a reading garden, play and climbing equipment, marked paths for scooters etc., a sand pit, a reorganised school garden and planted area, as well as an outdoor classroom. In its entirety, these are ideal conditions for practical use of breaks and teaching time.

In 2011 our facade was redesigned in the scope of an energy-efficient renovation. Our school building now appears colourful and appealing.

114 pupils are at school in the current school year. The majority of these come from Beucha, with a number from Wolfshain, Waldsteinberg and Kleinsteinberg. Our school is 59 years old. This school year we are preparing to celebrate our 60th birthday in the first week of September 2015.

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