Town of Brandis, represented by Mayor Arno Jesse

Head Teacher

Catrin Krieglsteiner

Number of pupils/teachers

203 pupils, 13 teachers


Poststraße 8, 04821 Brandis


034292/ 73033


034292/ 69401


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Brandis primary school is located in the centre of the town and joins with the secondary school and grammar school in forming a school campus. The school district includes the districts of Polenz and Waldsteinberg (where required). In the current school year there are 203 pupils, taught by a total of 13 teachers and a student teacher.

The building was converted from a crèche into a school in 1992. It has a very good room layout. In addition to well-equipped classrooms, pupils can also make use of a large crafts room, a music room, a library and media room.

The children enjoy working in the pleasant school garden. The grounds of the school were converted in accordance with the concept of future orientation for learning and interacting in a manner that promotes healthy environmental and nature awareness. The school garden was created in the scope of a project with schools in Austria and Scotland, sponsored by the European Union.

In the outdoor area an intensive redevelopment of the schoolyard was implemented in 2005, enabling the pupils to take advantage of numerous mobility games throughout the schoolyard area. In November 2013 the primary school was certified a "mobile and safe school". Sports hall and cafeteria are located near the building.

The after-school facility is situated adjacent to the building. A co-operation agreement is in place with the facility. In addition to intensive co-operation, this also includes joint use of a number of classrooms as after-school rooms and joint supervision for all-day activities. All children receive a hot meal every day where required and can participate in the drink provision system of the after-school facility.

Since the 2005/06 school year pupils have been offered even greater opportunities to develop in the scope of the all-day project. School and after-school clubs are offered several afternoons a week. External partners are involved in the all-day programme and also support the children during the lesson times.

The "an instrument for every pupil" music option sees trained teachers teaching interested and talented pupils since the school year 2010/11. The offer has been used intensively and is supported by the education agency.

In the 2011/2012 school year Brandis primary school celebrated its 20th birthday. Following intensive research into names, on 7 July 2012 the town of Brandis awarded the school the name "school for young world explorers". Both teachers and pupils are proud of the name and further projects are set to address it.

In the external inspection of school quality the primary school team was awarded the grade "very good" in all points and deemed to be working well.

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