Town of Brandis, represented by Mayor Arno Jesse

Head Teacher

Silke Kirsten

Number of pupils/teachers

615 pupils, 52 teachers + 4 church teaching staff


Schulstraße 3, 04821 Brandis






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The staff of Brandis grammar school has extensive experience in training and guiding our pupils to the general qualification for university entrance.

In the 2014/2015 school year the 615 pupils are taught by 52 teachers and four church teaching staff.

The excellent technical equipment (IT room, laptop trolley, interactive whiteboards, media facilities) and the alternating teaching times enable us to satisfy the requirements of methodically highly-varied and media supported teaching.

In the eight school years at the grammar school all pupils expand their linguistic competence in English. From year 6 a second foreign language is added to the timetable. It is possible to learn French, Latin or Russian. From year 8 onwards Spanish is offered as a third foreign language for pupils choosing a language focus.

In addition, many pupils take advantage of the option of obtaining internationally-recognised certificates in these languages. In September 2014 a pupil in year 10 achieved 2nd place in the national language competition, an outstanding achievement.

Lessons with a science focus in years 8 to 10 pave the way for an in-depth comprehension of nature and environment. The school has a long, successful tradition of participating in the "young researchers" competition. In 2012 we were awarded the special school prize for particular commitment to the promotion of pupils with an interest in mathematics, science and technology. In May 2014 a year 11 pupil represented Germany in the international environment competition in Istanbul and received a gold medal.

Mobility and exercise are fixed components of the school day, whether it is in lessons, in breaks or via participation in various sporting competitions. In the “young people training for the Olympics" competition the pupils participated successfully in various disciplines, in many cases qualifying for national competition as state winners.


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Die nächste Bürgersprechstunde findet am Dienstag, 27. September 2022, 17 Uhr statt.

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