Town of Brandis, represented by Mayor Arno Jesse

Head Teacher

U. Storek

Number of pupils/teachers

467 pupils, 40 teachers


Poststr. 20, 04821 Brandis






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In 1992 the secondary schools in Brandis and Beucha were merged to form the secondary school Mittelschule Brandis.

In November 1998 work began on the first stage of construction for a new building for the Mittelschule. The first six classrooms and three specialist rooms were completed and ready for occupancy in 1999. Two years later the school building was completed.

Work was completed in 2009, with the addition of six further classrooms and the conversion of the existing building.

In 2013 the Mittelschule was renamed Oberschule Brandis (secondary school).

467 pupils are currently taught by 40 teachers in 19 school classes.

900 Jahre Brandis - Kurzfilm

900 Jahre Brandis Film

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