Brandis municipal library has been located on the site of Brandis grammar school since 2002. It is a cultural, educational, informative and leisure facility for all age groups.


Opening hours of Brandis library, Bahnhofstraße 20 a, 04821 Brandis, Tel. 79 698

Monday 9 am-2 pm
Tuesday 9 am-1 pm and 2 pm-6 pm
Wednesday closed
Thursday 1 pm-6 pm
Friday 9 am-1 pm



Users can make use of approximately 18,900 media on a floor space of 170 m². These include:

  • Novels, tales, stories
  • Literature for children and young people
  • School books
  • Trade literature
  • Dictionaries, reference books
  • Language courses
  • Advice literature
  • Videos, DVDs
  • Audio cassettes
  • Audio books
  • CD-ROMs
  • Games

The stock is augmented and updated each year with new acquisitions.


The library can be used by members above the age of 6.

Lending: Media can be borrowed for 4 weeks, whereby videos and DVD are limited to two items of media lent. The period may be extended by a further 4 weeks if no reservation has been made for the item.


  • Reserving media
  • Two internet workstations for library users
  • Provision of information brochures with various content
  • Library research
  • Readings by authors
  • Literary events
  • Library tours

The town library is a member of the Brise library association. This means that it is possible to access the inventories of other libraries in the association for the lending of books.

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