Saxony is the "oldest" German state, Brandis is part of this, with many citizens looking to participate in activities for life as a senior citizen. We have wonderful opportunities and initiatives nearby, but efficient use for all is only possible where these are bundled and publicised.

Public discussion focuses primarily on the question of securing the pension system, with other important age-related subjects such as problems regarding care and assistance failing to attract the necessary public attention.

The association Förderverein Altershilfe Muldental e.V. has been addressing these issues since 1999.

The purpose of Förderverein Altershilfe Muldental e.V. is the promotion of the interests of elderly citizens in need of assistance, regardless of their economic, social, national or cultural background and situation.

Förderverein Altershilfe Muldental e. V. also aims to secure the support of third parties prepared to volunteer to promote the interests of elderly people. Förderverein Altershilfe Muldental e.V. utilises the commitment and expertise of its members to help elderly people in need of assistance.

The purpose of the association is realised in particular via:

  • Development/support of social, medical and architectural projects that promise to improve the quality of life of elderly people

  • Public relations work regarding problems of care and assistance for elderly people, in particular the subject of dementia

  • Support of test cases in which the goal of the supported party is direct improvement of the quality of life of elderly people in need of assistance

  • Staging of competitions, including prizes for outstanding efforts in the field of care and assistance of the elderly


Further information at:


Activities in Brandis:


1. AWO Brandis

Frau Sabine Köhler, Am Teichdamm 7E, 04821 Brandis

for members:

- 1x per month 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm cards in the welfare centre

- regular dances, as per timetable


2. ESV-Lokomotive Beucha e.V.

Frau Margit Klostermann, August-Bebel-Str. 10, 04824 Beucha

  • The sports association has 7 sections for people interested in sports.

  • The following sporting activities are offered for senior citizens:

  • Monday from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm and Friday from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm table tennis

  • Tuesday from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm gymnastics

  • Thursday from 7.30 to 9.30 pm volleyball

  • Monday to Friday from 5.00 pm bowling


3. Gesundheitssportverein Brandis e.V.

Frau Dressel, Pappelallee 10, 04821 Brandis

  • In 51 different groups sports men and women of all ages can exercise under the guidance of trained physiotherapists. Our exercise groups are certified by the disabled sports association and the health insurance companies and receive financial support.

  • The following activities are aimed specifically at senior citizens:

  • Stool gymnastics, osteoporosis gymnastics

  • Pilates, tai chi

  • Gymnastics and exercise for the back

  • Nordic walking

  • For session times please ask in the exercise rooms in Pappelallee 10 (Physiotherapie Katrin Dressel) or via telephone on 0177 2373081.


4. Prävention- und Rehabilitationssport im Muldental e.V.

Frau Melanie Börner-Klose, Bahnhofstraße 22, 04821 Brandis

  • Rehab sport: Mon 4.00 pm–5.00 pm and Tue 6.15 pm-7.15 pm

  • Rehab activity for women: Tue 5.30 pm–6.30 pm

  • Senior citizen sport for women: Mon 9.30 am–10.30 am

  • Cardio exercise group: Mon 5.15 pm–6.15 pm

  • Cardio training group: Mon 6.30–7.30 pm

Where required there are activities for primary prevention, e.g. back training, walking and secondary prevention, e.g. nutrition, back training, nutrition and mobility, cardiovascular training.


5. Praxis für Physio-und Ergotherapie

Jeanette Liebold, Hauptstraße 6, 04821 Brandis

All courses for senior citizens are age-appropriate and take place at both our own premises and in the participants' homes, as well as at the sites of the rehab and health sport association Kushanku Kai in and around Brandis

Further information at


  • Prevention (fall prevention, balance training, senior citizens' gymnastics, back training, walking/ Nordic walking

  • Mobility training, cardiovascular training, physical fitness

  • Special rehab sport offers for people with disabilities

  • Individual group activities

  • Brain and memory training

Week day

Senior citizens' courses

Mixed courses



Morning and courses from 5:00 pm


10:00 am

Courses from 5:00 pm


11:00 am, 2:00 pm

Morning and courses from 5:00 pm


10:00 am

Morning and courses from 7:00 pm



Courses from 5:00 pm



Free training



6. Seniorenzentrum Brandis

Bergstraße 2a, 04821 Brandis

  • Seated dancing in the dining room, Monday 8.45 am–9.45 am (registration requested)

  • Back training, Tuesday 4.30 pm via Physiotherapie Liebold


7. SV Stahl Brandis

Thomas Borrmann, Waldwinkel 22, 04821 Waldsteinberg in der Mehrzweckhalle Brandis

  • Exercise group, every Wednesday 7.30 pm–9.30 pm, approx. 20 women 45-70 years old

  • Volleyball, Monday 7.30 pm–9.00 pm and Thursday 7.30 pm–10.00 pm

  • Karate, Saturday 10.00 am–12.00 midday, age group 8-80


8. Volkssolidarität Ortsgruppe Brandis

Ms Stepancik, Rathausgasse 32, 04821 Brandis

  • 1x per month, day trip to Schlema

  • Fortnightly in the Gartenkantine: rummy club, every 2nd+4th Thursday 2.00 pm


9. Volkssolidarität Ortsgruppe Beucha

Mr Günter Vogel, An der Parthenaue 20, 04824 Beucha

  • Sports group for senior citizens in the Knirpsentreff kindergarten, Monday 2.30 pm–3.30 pm


Staying mobile, exercising and socialising with others. There are many aspects to living in old age. One of these is healthy exercise. This keeps people active well into old age, can ease complaints and also supports the mutual experiencing of successes. In addition to rehabilitation, prevention is also in focus.

A healthy lifestyle protects against heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure and depression. Decisive factors for a healthy lifestyle are eating correctly and partaking in physical and mental exercise. No memory – no active participation in life. In order to be able to consciously experience and interact with our environment and control our own destiny a functioning memory is very important. However, you cannot have one without the other.

Without exercise there can be no optimal supply to the brain and without brain no deliberate and targeted movement. Scientific findings indicate clearly that continuous physical mobility reduces the requirement for care and works to prevent dementia. One important aspect for maintaining health in old age is also the maintaining of social contacts, civic involvement – go through life together, not alone!

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