For queries regarding building and planning permission please contact Fachbereich Bau und Ordnung (construction and regulations)

In the planning permission process the project requiring permission is checked for compliance with official regulations and confirmed with planning permission. Alternatively, in the case of specific projects and areas the notification procedure or simplified permission procedure can be chosen.

The obligation to obtain permission is derived from the statutory regulations. It should be noted in this respect that changes of use also require permission in certain circumstances. If a project requires no permission it must correspond to the public regulations in the same way as a project requiring permission.

Deviations, exceptions and exemptions in the planning permission process are subject to admissibility checks and construction law decisions; they do not need to be applied for separately.

Decisive for the realisation of the permission process and a timely decision is the complete presentation of the documents and construction plans stated in the procedural regulations of the state building regulations.

Department of Construction and Regulations

Head of Department Ms Quandt, tel. 034292 - 655 55, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General Construction Administration/ Town Planning / Regional Planning

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