Brandis lives from the identification of its citizens with the town. Whether it is the transport concept or the design of the Stadtpark, youth work or individual construction projects – there are more than enough issues.

It is important for us that the town of Brandis is developed together with you and ain dialogue with you. In this we aim to help you to bring your knowledge, your wishes and your creativity to bear in the process of developing our town.

With civic meetings, co-operative planning processes and the strengthening of the town district councils Brandis has already entered into constructive dialogue with the citizens of the town.

The internet is also to be used for new forms of dialogue, in order to encourage other groups to participate and further strengthen the identification of the citizens with their town. In the scope of the Innovation Municipality project new forms of participation, involvement and dialogue are to be implemented by 2016. In addition to a citizens' information system further participation tools are also to be developed.

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Bürgersprechstunde online von Dienstag, dem 29. September 2020

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Die nächste Bürgersprechstunde findet am Dienstag, 27. Oktober, 17 Uhr statt.

01.10.2020, 07:30
Busfahrt nach Bad Schlema
03.10.2020, 18:55
Deutschland singt
07.10.2020, 14:00
13.10.2020, 14:00
Modenschau mit Verkauf
18.10.2020, 15:00
NIA tanzen

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