Central element in the scope of the Saxon Innovation Municipality 2014 - 2016 project is the across-the-board realisation of studies, carried out in the scope of the process management module. These studies are augmented with the process studies motivated by other sub-projects on achieving the respective sub-project goals. The necessary activities in the scope of the sub-projects are defined in corresponding sketches.

The following fundamental approach is planned for the process management module:

  • Firstly, the activities carried out will be identified and recorded in the scope of process screenings.
  • For selected processes usage-relevant illustrations (actual process models) are developed and optimised, taking account of the respective process management objectives.
  • In this the selection of the processes occurs both against the general background of modernising the administration (improving processes, creating operational freedom for employees, establishing knowledge management etc.) as well as in co-ordination with the questioning of specific sub-projects (e.g. introduction of software systems such as the civic information system, use of Amt 24, Behördenauskunft 115 and similar).
  • The analysis of the processes takes place against the background of administrative modernisation and general process optimisation, as well as issues regarding process-related sub-projects.
  • Recommendations for action are drawn up with the Innovation Municipality Brandis and passed on for implementation in the scope of sub-projects.

In the detail, the process management differs in the following areas of tasks:

  • Process management planning and organisation (e.g. software configuration, establishment of a continuous process management)
  • Screening across administrative processes
  • Process screening of administration-related facilities (housing associations, schools etc.)
  • Employee training and coaching
  • Actual process status
  • Process optimisation
  • Drafting of project-related, cross-process recommendations for action
  • Publication and provision of process information

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