The entire meeting service of Brandis town administration is currently undertaken without corresponding specialist procedures. Typical Office applications are used in the drafting of documents. The copying and distribution of the documents generated (meeting documents etc.) occurs wholly in paper form.

The process of generating these documents is accompanied by typical errors of non-optimised activity, in combination with high requirements of time. The drafting of print-outs and copies for all participants (position holders, administration, others where applicable) for all public meetings (town council, committees) results in high consumption of material.

The primary goal of the sub-project is to convert the paper-based meeting service to a digital process. In this the prior relevant information should be taken on and continue to be provided in the accustomed scope. Transfer of old data to the system is not an objective of the sub-project. Furthermore, the incorporation into the internet presence of Brandis is also part of the sub-project.
The sub-project is broken down into the following project phases:

Phase 1: Basis and preparation

  • Organisational meeting with software provider
  • Clarification of hardware requirements, preparation of hardware

Phase 2: Process management

  • Incorporation, analysis and optimisation of 4 business processes
  • Reworking of document templates used in the meeting service

Phase 3: Implementation

  • Installation of RIS software
  • Establishment of master data
  • Implementation of document templates
  • Training in the meeting service programme for employees
  • Presentation of the RIS to the town council
  • Adaptation of interfaces and app installation
  • Internet publication testing

Phase 4: Tablet use

  • Checking of the use of tablet computers (incl. checking of financing by SMJus)
  • Decision on the principles regarding the use of tablet computers
  • Where applicable, realisation of the necessary stages in a supplementary sub-project sketch

Phase 5: DMS connection

  • Clarification of options for DMS connection
  • Realisation of connection to the document management system of Brandis town administration
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