On taking office in August 2013, mayor Arno Jesse declared the drafting of a transport concept for Brandis to be one of the key areas of action. By November of that year the transport working group had been formed, with members drawn from the administrative bodies, town council, experts and citizens of Brandis. The working group deals with proposals received from Brandis citizens, bundles these and establishes priorities. Twice now citizens have been informed of the interim status of the work within civic meetings. Here, too, the citizens of Brandis were able to add ideas and thoughts.

After around one year of work, the evaluation of 769 questionnaires and four traffic counting sessions the transport working group and the Ingenieurbüro Hanke engineering office carrying out the work had drawn up a large number of possible measures. These total 40, containing 57 variants. The working group is set to complete its work in February 2015 with the formulation of guidelines on mobility and submit recommendations for action to the town council.

Transport concept