Arno Jesse

In Saxony - as in a number of other German states - the mayor elected directly by the citizens of the town has two tasks: he is "chairman of the parish council and head of the parish administration", as specified in § 51 of the Sächsische Gemeindeordnung, the Saxon municipalities ordinance. He represents the parish outwardly and, together with the town council, is one of the two organs of the town.

Since 1 August 2013 Arno Jesse (SPD) has been the mayor of Brandis. He was elected in the first round, with 64.24 % of the vote. His period of office is 7 years.

Arno Jesse
Telephon: 034292 655 0
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Curriculum Vita



Born in Bremerhaven grew up in Osternburg, a glassmaking and working-class district of Oldenburg


School, gained Abitur school-leaving certificate in 1983


Involvement in the peace movement
Involvement with the church community


Military service in the Bundeswehr as radio technician

from 1984

Studies in German and German History
Graduation in German (1991)
Management of companies in publishing and the media
Public relations in media, companies and associations
Founding of a publishing house and publishing of a literary journal
Work as a presenter
Founding of a company for graphic illustration, composition and design


Relocation to Leipzig
Support of the civic movement and publication of the newspaper Ökostroika
Inclusion in the Beuchaer Freundeskreis


Founding of a marketing agency
Until 2013, manager and proprietor of Brandungen GmbH Leipzig

since 2000

Married to Dr. Jolanthe Jesse, Senior Physician for Neurology at a medical care centre, currently doctor at a rehabilitation facility


Conversion of a house in Beucha
Birth of sons Aaron (2002), Jonathan (2003) and daughter Noemi (2009)


Member of the SPD association Brandis

since 2009

Active in municipal politics in Brandis town council and the council of the district of Beucha

since 1. August 2013

Mayor of the town of Brandis


Consultation hours & Café Communale

Consultations and appointments are possible at any time, but must be arranged approximately in advance for organisational reasons.

Once a month the mayor invites all citizens of Brandis to an informal discussion at the Cafe Communale. Every second Thursday in the month residents can discuss their town-related concerns with the mayor, directly, in person and without prior appointment, from 5 pm at the Café am Markt in Brandis.

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