In the districts of Brandis, Beucha and Polenz there is an elected town district council. This represents the interests of the respective district in dealings with the administrative bodies of the town itself. The town district council is consulted on important matters concerning the town of Brandis, in particular setting the budgets for the respective districts. In addition, the district council also has right to make first proposals for issues concerning the district.


Composition of the Beucha town district council (26/5/2019)

District representative Bärbel Uhlig
Bürgerverein Brandis e.V. Bärbel Uhlig
Hans Ross
Uwe Hampel
Martin Halle
Freie Wähler Roland Eibeck
SPD Sven Uhl


Composition of the Polenz town district council

District representative Marko Haberecht
Freie Wähler Marko Haberecht
Andreas Dietrich
DIE LINKE Andreas Böhme
Gisela Dietrich
Bürgerverein Brandis e.V. Doreen Forbrig