The town council is the representative of the citizens and principal organ of the parish. The council decides on all matters concerning the town, so long as the mayor is not responsible or the town council assigns him with specific matters. The town council consists of the mayor as voting chairman as well as voluntary members (town councillors). The councillors are elected by the residents for a period of five years.

Meetings of the town council take place once a month and, with very few exceptions, are public: visitors can follow the public meetings of the town council in the Ratssaal, the council chambers.


Members of the town council (following the election of 26/05/2019)

Mayor Arno Jesse
Bürgerverein Brandis e.V. (BVB e.V.)
(6 seats)
Hans Ross
Franziska Uhlig
Christine Jüttner
Mario Winkler
Falk Lehmann
Michael Haack
Alternative für Deutschland (AfD)
(5 seats)
Ingo Börner
Denise Matthes
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD)
(4 seats)
Gudrun Schor
Markus Bergforth
Uwe Seidel
Lea Döring
Freie Wähler
(3 seats)
Alexander Busch
Tobias Reich
Mario Siegmund
(3 seats)
Ulrich Gäbel
Stefan Tiegel
Uwe Engel

900 Jahre Brandis - Kurzfilm

900 Jahre Brandis Film

Bürgersprechstunde online von Dienstag, dem 12. Juli 2022

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Die nächste Bürgersprechstunde findet am Dienstag, 27. September 2022, 17 Uhr statt.

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