Schild Gewerbegebiet BeuchaIn the early 1990s it was already evident to Beucha and Brandis that their strength lay in numbers, with the towns consequently planning their industrial estates to lie next to one another and in part to be developed jointly. The Beucha business park is almost completely sold, the Brandis one completely. However, in Brandis there are a number of derelict sites which are offered for sale by their owners.


Aldi Flotte

Well-known companies have established themselves in both of the business parks. In the Beucha section, for example, ALDI has established a warehouse and office, rff of Bremen has extended the warehouse it built years ago to include a high rack system and LAV Erdenwerk has moved onto the former HOCHTIEF site. Smaller firms have also found a new home here.

On the Brandis side Hörmann KG has erected a new plant, which is undergoing continuous expansion. The Leipzig sales office is also located here. Further smaller firms and the car dealership Autohaus Graupner and Gima have settled on the estate.

A few sites are still available. Please contact the town council directly for further information and enquiries:

Stadtverwaltung Brandis
Herr Bürgermeister Arno Jesse
Markt 1-3
04821 Brandis
Tel. 034292-65512
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Development Plan Beucha-Brandis Business Park [PDF 1,3 MiB]

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