Ideally situated

The direct link to the A14 autobahn (exits Kleinpösna, Naunhof and Ammelshain) and the B6 trunk road (in Machern) connects Brandis to Dresden and Prague in the east, north and south to the A9 autobahn via Leipzig and Leipzig/ Halle Airport as well as westwards to the A38 autobahn.

Brandis (together with Naunhof) lies on the inter-regional axis of Leipzig-Dresden and is subsequently a centre of supply, commerce and services for the surrounding area. This location means that the town of Brandis will continue to play a comparatively central role in the region in the future.

Located in the triangle of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, the A14 and A38 autobahns are just a few minutes away – and lead to practically all destinations. Berlin, Munich, Rostock, the Ruhr, Stuttgart or Hamburg are all easily accessible from Brandis on the interlinked autobahns.

Brandis lies in the flourishing Leipzig/Halle economic region and benefits from inter-municipal co-operation on the development of commercial sites in the region. This enables interested companies to achieve the well-advised and sustainable planning of their projects.



Brandis is a town with a decisive policy-making style and open administration that involves its citizens in decisions, providing them with targeted advice.

The much-vaunted cosmopolitan character of the Saxons combines with their famed sociability here, making newcomers rapidly feel welcome.


Making yourself at home

WohnenWohnenWohnenWhether you live in the castle, the forest or by a lake – in Brandis there is a high standard of living quality in a green environment with proximity to water. The town offers developed building land at reasonable prices, idyllically situated on the borders of nature and in developed urban structures. Sales are conducted directly via the town of Brandis as well as third parties. The town will be happy to act as an agent for you in this respect.


Complex school structures and comprehensive childcare facilities

The town of Brandis has a modern school centre, affectionately known to many people as the "school campus". The Brandis school campus comprises a primary school with two-three classes per year, a comprehensive school with three classes per year, a grammar school with three classes per year and a three-court sports and multi-purpose hall. In addition, the urban area also includes a further primary school with two classes per year and three child day-care facilities, making the environment a family-friendly one and covering the progression from crèche in the first year to graduation from grammar school with the Abitur school-leaving qualification. Beyond this, numerous clubs and events in the Brandis area cater to the musical or sporting development of children of all ages.


Active and committed

The town benefits from an enthusiastic and committed culture of clubs and associations, such as music associations and choirs, a broad range of sporting activities, the volunteer fire service and a number of cultural highlights. There are also many individual ways to enjoy yourself and spend leisure time in the immediate vicinity of the town, as well as for sporting activities on foot, bicycle or horseback.


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900 Jahre Brandis Film

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Die nächste Bürgersprechstunde findet am Dienstag, 27. September 2022, 17 Uhr statt.

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