Energy and environment

The diversity of sectors is manifested in companies such as Juwi AG and the bio natural gas facility in the Waldpolenz energy park or LAV Erdenwerk in the Brandis-Beucha Business Park.



The proximity to autobahns and trunk roads speaks for itself when the subject turns to logistics sites in the Brandis business parks. Trucks can reach the Beucha-Brandis Business Park or the newly developed industrial estate in Waldpolenz without difficulty. The extremely central location is naturally highly positive. Brandis lies between the Saxon capital, Dresden, from where the autobahn continues in the direction of Prague; Leipzig and Halle, as well as the accompanying airport with the new logistics hub for international companies such as DHL, AeroLogic, Lufthansa Cargo and Future Electronics.



As two premium manufacturers with the highest image values, Porsche and BMW strengthen the reputation of Leipzig as an economic location on the global market. As a consequence, the subcontracting reach of the car marques also extends into the Landkreis Leipzig district.

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900 Jahre Brandis Film

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Die nächste Bürgersprechstunde findet am Dienstag, 27. September 2022, 17 Uhr statt.

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